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VAGEDES & Asociados is a full service law firm with its main office located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and representative offices in Sao Paulo. The firm assists its clients by providing fast and practical legal solutions, which are economically feasible, and creative when necessary, meeting their strategic and commercial objectives.

VAGEDES & Asociados provides integrated counseling to its clients on the different areas of Business Law. Principle and governing value is to provide a customized treatment to each of our clients through the best professionals, by providing an high added-value legal service, under strict rules of professional ethics.

Areas of Specialization

  • Design of corporate structures
  • Counseling on incorporation of national companies, and/or subsidiaries and/or branches of foreign companies.
  • Counseling on business reorganization in case of mergers, acquisitions, stock package transfer and spin-offs.
  • Registration and administrative management of any kind, before regulatory agencies and the corporate registry.
  • Comprehensive consultancy and management of corporate associations, either permanent or temporary (UTE, ACE, CONSORTIA, JOINT VENTURES).
  • Negotiation of contracts and/or shareholders' agreements and purchase of shares.
  • Counseling and legal representation on shareholders' disputes.
  • Goodwill acquisitions, management, dissolutions and transfers.
  • Analysis of the regulatory framework of the various public services.
  • Comprehensive counseling on professional practice at Central Bank, provincial or municipal level, and even before the regulatory bodies for public services.
  • Counseling on any type of public contracting, whether public or private tendering (national or international) or direct purchases; ranging from the drafting through the negotiation and wording of the corresponding contracts.
  • Legal practice on administrative proceedings of any nature and challenge of administrative acts on both trial and administrative law Courts.
  • Comprehensive tax counseling in regard to national, provincial and municipal fiscal regulation.
  • Counseling on fiscal inspections.
  • Legal practice on the administrative proceeding, before National (AFIP), provincial and municipal Tax Authorities, as well as the Tax Court and the Federal Tax Commission.
  • Action before Economic Criminal Court on behalf of legal persons as well as of national and foreign corporations, its partners and board members.
  • Counseling on the application of international treaties on taxation.
  • Counseling and assistance on customs and foreign trade matters.
  • Counseling on contentious judicial records before the National Customs Administration and in subsequent administrative or judicial proceedings.
  • Preventive counseling on potential disputes that may arise out of employer-employee relationship and design of alternative mechanisms for out-of-court dispute resolution.
  • Execution of labor agreements under any of the formats established by law, including counseling and formalities before the corresponding authorities (National Migration Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Policía Federal Argentina, etc,) for the recruitment of foreign nationals to render services in the country.
  • Analysis and negotiation of employee bargaining contracts and corporate ones.
  • Administrative and judicial action on labor and social security affairs, including settlements before the National Ministry of Labor and/or provincial agencies.
  • Design and implementation of outsourcing plans.
  • Counseling, negotiation and drafting of any type of civil and commercial contracts; including those of leasing, franchising, distribution, technology transfer, factoring, trust, art edition and production, and real estate building and development.
  • Counseling, negotiation and drafting of internet service rendering agreements, software licenses, hosting, advertising, etc.
  • Counseling on e-commerce, contracting over the internet, digital and electronic signature, database regulation and personal data protection.
  • Advising on the aspects linked to the regulation of the diverse telecommunications and broadcasting services.
  • Counseling, management and provision of licenses for the rendering of the various services of telecommunications and broadcasting, and assignment of radio-electric frequencies.
  • Counseling, negotiation and execution of any type of customary contracts in the sector, infrastructure sharing for the installation of telecommunications, interconnection or other equipment.
  • Administrative action before the Federal Communications Commission, Communications Secretariat and AFSCA as well as any of its delegations in the interior, and judicial challenge of administrative proceedings.
  • Counseling and assistance in regard to graphic, television or radio communications media, advertising and promotions.
  • Counseling and action on intellectual and industrial property issues such as, trademarks' registration and renewals, submission of patents of invention, industrial models and designs.
  • Management, defense and action before the administrative agencies with jurisdiction over the matter and in Court.
  • Action before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship on the management and registration of internet domain names, its renewal, transfer or defense in Court.
  • Counseling on bank customary contracts such as, general trusts, guaranteed or unguaranteed loans, real estate funding, etc..
  • Action in Administrative summaries instituted by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.
  • Counseling on standard operation of insurance and reinsurance companies and for the drafting of insurance policies.
  • Counseling and assistance on judicial disputes and/or alternative dispute resolution in regard to the scope of insurance coverage for liability, either civil or product, professional (medical malpractice, lawyers liability), air, land and sea transport, and other disputes arisen out of insurance and reinsurance contracts.
  • Legal assistance for the settlement of claims.
  • Drafting of procedural strategies and follow up of any related formality, as of the conclusion of litigation.
  • Action before the civil, commercial and administrative Court, including the performance before the provincial higher court and the Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Counseling and Action on reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings and on representation of creditors, among others, on credit rating processes, creditors commissions, purchase of failed companies.
  • Management on debt renegotiation and recovery.
  • Elaboración de estrategias procesales y seguimiento de todos los trámites conexos hasta la conclusión del litigio.
  • Actuación ante los tribunales civiles, comerciales y administrativos, incluyendo la actuación ante los tribunales superiores de provincia y la Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación.
  • Asesoramiento y actuación en concursos preventivos y quiebras y representación de acreedores, entre otros, en procesos de verificación de créditos, comisiones de acreedores, compra de empresas fallidas.
  • Gestión en la renegociación y recupero de deuda.
  • Drafting of conflict resolution and procedural strategies and follow-up of all related procedures as of the completion of the legal proceedings.
  • Appearing before the civil, commercial and administrative courts on behalf of the client, including representation before the superior courts of the provinces and the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Legal assessment and representation in reorganisation and bankruptcy proceedings and representation of creditors, among others, in credit verification processes, creditors ' commissions, acquisition of failed companies.
  • Management of debt renegotiation and recovery.

The German Desk of VAGEDES & Asociados is a specific unit established to meet the requirements and conveniently defend the interests of German, Swiss and Austrian entities, companies and investors that are doing business or wish to do business in Argentina. We are the advisor that your company needs to disembark in a country as complex as ours. We have structured the opening of local representations of German companies as well as new business units.
We have a long and successful track record assisting German businessmen, their banks and insurance companies, the Government and individuals in judicial and extrajudicial claims against local debtors.
Together with our correspondent and associated firms in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, we can provide the advice that Argentine companies need to do business in those countries and/or to establish a representation or open a commercial office there.
VAGEDES & Asociados works with leading law firms in these countries. Our lawyers are recommended by embassies, government agencies and companies. We have one of the most experienced, dynamic, competitive and best prepared teams in the market to assist investors and companies of German, Swiss and Austrian origin. Our professionals have a long and successful track record in the field, have studied in bilingual institutions and in Germany itself, have roots in these countries, are fluent in German and understand the idiosyncrasies and business culture of these Central European countries. We can give you the best of both cultures.

The partners of VAGEDES & Asociados have maintained for many years important links with various law firms and professionals in the MERCOSUR area, especially with the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Republic of Uruguay, the Republic of Paraguay and the Republic of Chile. In these countries we work with leading law firms, both for their size and their expertise, which assures us a wide and first class coverage. Since March 2014 VAGEDES & Asociados has been part of the successful B2L - Business to Lawyers ( B2L is a company that brings together 46 partners and more than 700 professionals, including an incubator for business development and investment projects. It operates in 24 states in Brazil and the 3 main cities in Argentina and has a business portfolio that in 2013 exceeded US$ 4.8 billion. B2L puts its main focus on medium-sized companies (and so-called start-ups) in areas such as M&A, project finance, foreign investment, fundraising and diversified businesses. It seeks to generate business opportunities between companies and with the funds it represents. Its lawyers are nationally recognized in the business area. Our team has - beyond the knowledge of other foreign languages - a wide command of Portuguese and a deep knowledge of the Brazilian market.

We achieve the best results

VAGEDES & Asociados renders services in various areas of the legal practice through a team of lawyers whose differentiating feature is the excellence of their academic level together with their comprehensive professional experience obtained in the different areas of law practice both in the public and private sector. The assignment of cases and subjects through the organization of work teams dealing with various legal outlooks ensures our clients an excellent level of comprehensive and interdisciplinary advice for all their legal matters.

Vagedes & Asociados - International

German Desk

VAGEDES & ASOCIADOS is certified by the German-Argentine Chamber of Commerce (AHK) as approved German-speaking lawyers in Argentina. The German Desk of the Chamber of Commerce counts with a working group of German-speaking auditors, accountants, lawyers and public notaries and members of AHK Argentina who meet to discuss current issues in the legal field. This group also works to achieve an international network of contacts. That is why every year is held a regional symposium with German-speaking professionals from all over Latin America and Spanish-speaking professionals from Germany. VAGEDES & Asociados counts with German and German-speaking lawyers in order to efficiently advise our German clients in their current and future business in Argentina. We have a long experience in advising German companies, banks, insurance companies, government agencies and private persons. Together with our correspondent offices in Germany, Switzerland and Austria we are able to advise Argentine companies operating abroad.

Business to Lawyers

VAGEDES & Asociados is part of a Brazil-based trading company focused on business development and investments in different countries. B2L's focus is on emerging companies in areas such as buy-sell, project finance, foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and diversification businesses. B2L works in the constant search of business for its clients and the connection between companies through all the strategic partners that are part of this network. The main goal is to generate business opportunities for the companies represented by B2L.

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Our professionals have a solid education and a recognized reputation in the academic and professional world, within their respective areas of expertise. The members of VAGEDES & Asociados compose a team of professionals with high training and experience acquired at positions of responsibility they have held in first level law firms, international companies, the Judiciary or the Public Administration.

Horacio Alais

Customs & Foreign Trade

Miriam Anders

German Desk, Corporate & Immigration

Mariano Pablo Caia


Mauricio Canero

Brazilian Desk, Corporate

Luciano Cativa

Tax & Tax Litigation

Emilio Itzcovich Griot

Litigation & Labour

Diego Kabbas

Litigation, Labour & Telecommunication

Ricardo Falabella


Ignacio Fernández Borzese

Tax & Tax Litigation

Andrea Lobato

Litigation & Labour

Jorge de Lucio

Telecommunication & Litigation

Luis Alberto Palomino

Corporate, Commercial & Litigation

Juan Manuel Peire

Corporate, Commercial & Litigation

Héctor Pena

Banking & Finance

Javier Alberto Santamaría


Ricardo Torres Brizuela

Customs and Foreign Trade

Miguel Vagedes

Private Client, Family & Inheritance

Mónica Witthaus

Intellectual Property

Ignacio Zervino

Foreign Trade & Antidumping

Job Opportunities

We stand out for the excellence of legal services we provide to our clients, in which the professionalism and human quality is critical. If your intention is to become a member of a warm and team-like working enviroment, oriented to excellence, seeking the fulfillment of our client's goals and where personal growth depends on your own achievments, please send your CV and other data to: The information received will remain strictly confidential.


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